Customer Testimonials: You All Are the BEST

Lil’ Sidekick is intended to make children happy and parents happier. But, in reality, you all make all of US very happy with such kind testimonials.

Customers of Lil' Sidekick give great testimonials for best baby products

We are very fortunate for such awesome customers who have become part of the Lil’ Sidekick community and have helped us with our mission to #StopTheDrop. We wanted to say thank you for the awesome testimonials our customers have left us and drop your nuggets of wisdom for all of us to see. 

Check out how a few Lil’ Sidekick fans have been able to effectively use our products to #StopTheDrop in ways you may not have considered. 

  • “This is perfect! I use them daily to attach my baby's sippy cup or toy to his stroller, car seat, or high chair. This has saved me the headache of picking up his items that he throws a million times a day. Love that they can be easily cleaned because my baby also loves to chew on it!” – Amanda (Amazon).
  • “It tethers well around most baby items. Bottles, sippy cups, many odd-shaped things, etc. Well-made and easy to use. Stops the Drop game! A must for any parent. Seriously”. – Kevin (Amazon).
  • “Way more versatile then I could have imagined. I got it for a baby gift (was a big hit). Once I saw it out of the package I actually ordered one for my 7-year-old daughter to secure her water bottle to her backpack for school. She thinks she is pretty fashionable”. – Holly Hill (Amazon).

Thank you to Amanda, Kevin, and Holly for the insightful feedback about how you have had success with the Lil’ Sidekick. As you can see, the Sippy Cup & More Holder can be used in numerous ways and allows you to be creative! We love our customers!

You can buy the Lil’ Sidekick Sippy Cup & More Holder here for $9.99 and the Yummeez Flavored Teether for $7.99 here.