Moms In Real Life (IRL)

You know what? We've been thinking about it over here and we decided that... Moms don't get the credit they deserve.

This **might** be because of a small incident that occured last week between a kid, my kid, and cheese in a can.

Should kids eat a ton of it? No.

Should they play with it on their food? No.

Should they go into the garage and see if the can will EXPLODE when heated from the bottom with a firestarter? HELL NO.

What ensued after included an angry mom, some tears, and then, as if the day hadn't already been long enough--a certain mother you may know got sprayed in the face with the cheese from a can.

Is it the weekend yet?

Anyway, we decided to start posting funny posts on our social to hopefully bring a smile to your face. And, we decided to highlight other moms IRL, too.

So if you know a mom (or dad) who could use a shoutout, let us know!

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