Yummeez Flavored Teether – What Makes It So Special?

Yummeez Flavored Teether – What Makes It So Special?

By Chris Siebert

Did you say a breakthrough in the teething industry? How can a teether be so special? Is it really flavored?


These are all great questions someone may ask when they come across the Yummeez Flavored Teether. I think to myself all the time, wouldn’t a baby prefer a flavorful taste when they experience the teething phase?


To find out and solidify my passion and love for the Yummeez Flavored Teether, I decided to try it out myself! You may wonder why a 22-year-old college graduate is trying a teether, however, I thought to myself… This is too good to be true!


I couldn’t believe the added flavor when I tried it and AMAZINGLY enough, I find myself using the Yummeez Flavored Teether almost every day. OOPS! Just kidding, I don’t use a teether at my age. But, I did try it out and believe this is amazing and accurate to what the product says it does. Maybe I should start using it more?


On a real note, the Yummeez Flavored Teether is intended for your lil’ one to not only experience a fun, easy, and more enjoyable teething phase, but also, to be safe while doing it. BPA Free with all Natural ingredients, the teether can be washed whenever you please. Also lightweight and easy to grip, the Yumeezz Flavored Teether is intended for All-Stages. Yes parents, that means you can give it a try:)


At Lil’ Sidekick, we want to make our kiddos lives as easy as possible, especially during a sometimes-challenging teething phase.


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