Hey Jaaaane, Even the largest "brand" started small.

A negative situation with whom I will call JAAAAANE, has recently encouraged me to do what I have been wanting to do for so long, which was start this blog! 

I have been spending hours/weeks/ months trying to decide how I was going to grow my “brand”. What could I do to get people to know about our products, how can I keep my growing my dream? The answer I thought and what was engraved into my brain was, “grow your brand”. That is a loaded piece of advice that offers no real solution. I thought that is what I wanted and needed and then today happened... 
I learned that being a “big” brand is not me or what I want. There is nothing wrong in being a small brand! I did not start this journey to be a brand. I started it because as a mom I saw a problem and I found a solution for it. Plain and simple. I am small and mighty, and proud of it! 
Where is this coming from… Recently I was told ( by JAAAAANE) “your brand is too small for us". This is not the first time I have heard this. I deal with it on the daily. Every day I send out information only for my email efforts to companies, and media not get opened and get over  due to my "brand size". And, I have to say I am really F%*king sick of hearing it! 
It’s a shame that since we are not a “big brand” we are not worthy for the consumer to learn about our product/service. I mean who cares if we have a good product /business or not, right?  Just because a company has a “big brand” does not mean that they have the best product for the consumers. It does mean they most likely have more money. Who gives a shit how “big” my brand is…I mean it’s not the size that counts right..:)
Hey Jaaaaaane BTW did you even care to ask how many families we have made life easier for?  Just over a million. No biggie to you, but to me it is everything and pretty cool. You know what else Jaaaaane and all you other Jaaaaaane’s out there that use that lame ass excuses, just know us small folks remember. We may never get to the “brand” size you work with and that’s fine, but if I do I will not work with you! 
It is a shame that any person that has created something new and innovative to add to the world is too small for you to work with.  I know all of society just loves “big corporations” and how they quickly roll out thoughtless products, or worse yet knock off a product from a ”small brand” company (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) just to grow their already billion dollar empire. Yeah, let’s give them more publicity. 
You know what is not a shame, that I did not get to work with you! I am proud of what my family and I have created. I am proud that I get to show my son, family, and friends that this is tough BUT if you want it bad enough and are persistent you will see success. So when shit things happen (like your opinion Jaaaaane) I can and will overcome them and turn it into a positive that leads to my success and happiness.
Matter a fact I just turned your (-) opinion into the best dang piece of advice ever, so thank you Jaaaane for putting me in my “small” place. I like it here and I think I'll hang with my small village a bit more!  

So for all you start up's out there You started your journey for a reason, to help others, make something better, be the change. Not to become a “brand”. You are the “brand”, so just do you. Use that “no” you got to motivate and empower you to accomplish YOUR dream & never let anyone or situation dictate that for you! Remember everyone, even the largest “brand” started small.

By: Amy Vohs