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The Sippy Cup Holder and More is available is pink, blue, charcoal, and green

Sippy Cup and More Holder

Stop the drop game with our multi-functional tether! Available in charcoal, green, blue, and pink

Yummeez Flavored Teether

Talk about a breakthrough in the Teething Industry! The first and only Flavored Teether

Customer Reviews

We use these all the time to attach toys to our stroller or in high chairs at restaurants for my 10 month old. It's super easy to secure and a good length for him to still be able to play with things. He's learned to 'reel' his toys in too. I see it being very useful when we start giving him a snack or sippy cup as well. 

H. Bradley (Amazon)

This tether is literally the most life changing parenting tool I've bought to date. Our son can chew on it and most importantly, CANNOT throw his toys on the ground when in his stroller, at the store, you name it, when this tether is holding on to the other end of his toy. After cleaning a toy in the grocery store 4 times, we ordered additional Lil' Sidekicks so they're all over his travel and outdoor "gear". Such a lifesaver!

KG (Amazon)

This is perfect! I got 2 of these a few months ago and I use them daily to attach my babies sippy cup or toy to his stroller, carseat, highchair, or his wrist. This has saved me the headache of picking up his items that he throws a million times a day. I bought more of them as a gift for a new mom friend. Love that they can be cleaned easily because my baby also loves to chew on it.