Founder Five: Amy Vohs Shares Her Picks for Baby Products

Founder Five: Amy Vohs discusses her must-have baby products

After years of being both the best mom ever to Jaxen and the world's nicest mompreneur in the baby industry, Lil' Sidekick creator Amy Vohs has learned about some pretty amazing products for kiddos. Not only has she used these products herself, but she knows the company founders and would like to support them as well!

Here are her top five picks:

1). The WubbaNub Pacifier that makes it easier for a child's tiny hands to keep ahold of their pacifier. No more unnecessary tears in the car, at the grocery store, or anywhere else that your kiddo could accidentally drop their pacifier.

The Lil' Sidekick and Munchie Mug are the perfect care for baby stuff

 2). The Munchie Mug spill-proof snack cup that is one of the best Amy has ever found. Why does she like it so much? Not only is it created by a fellow female founder, but the cup has a very large space for snacks, so you aren't limited to only carry a small handful of snacks with you. 

Lil' Sidekick founder Amy Vohs loves the Grabease utensil for mealtime with baby

3). The super cute Grabease silicone baby utensils that are chewable starter utensils to encourage independence at mealtime. The grip makes them easy to hold and the choke shield makes feeding your little one a little less stressful of an experience because of its added level of safety.

Lil' Sidekick is a fan of the 4moms playard to make moms life easier.

4). The 4moms playard makes the list because it's the only thing Amy's son, Jaxen, would actually sleep in for a brief time when he was little. The all-in-one care station that opens and closes in one easy step. The company keeps adding to their list of products to make life just a little bit easier, and that is something that we totally get here at Lil' Sidekick! 

Lil' Sidekick found Amy Vohs loves the ultimate in on-the-go comfort of the Saranoni Luxury blanket.

5). Last but definetly not least comes the Saranoni Luxury Blankets that come in all sorts of styles and will soon become a favorite of the whole family because they come in sizes big enough for adults, too. Seriously, buy one of these luxury blankets and soon the whole fam jam will be hooked.