3 Ways Lil’ Sidekick can make the Transition Back to School Easier

back to school - Lil' Sidekick

As summer amazingly comes to an end, its already time to think about... BACK TO SCHOOL!

What a year 2020 has been. With so many question marks lurking about what back to school will look like because of Coronavirus, the weight of this pandemic continues to put life on pause. And yet, when you look at the calendar, we are already seven months into 2020 and fall feels like it is coming at us fast, which means our to-do list is about to become five miles long.

There are school supplies to stock up on and sneakers to buy. Zoom meetings to set up and broken headphones to replace. Someone needs to stock up on hand sanitizer and double check if anyone actually read their summer reading assignments. And then there’s the issue of the peanut butter that still needs to be scraped off the computer monitor.

There. Is. So. Much. To. Do.

But we got this!

Here are 3 ways Lil Sidekick can make your child’s transition back to school easier.

1) Ease the fear of picking up germs! We know there’s still controversy about whether or not kids should head back to school this fall with covid-19 still around. That being said, it’s important to make sure the spread of germs at schools is at a minimum. With the Lil Sidekick Sippy Cup & More Holder, we can #StopTheDrop and limit our children from dropping toys, cups, and more on the ground. Whether that be taking the Lil Sidekick accessory to school, or simply using at home, the FDA- approved material will prevent unnecessary contamination of germs from toys hitting the ground.

2) Prevent unnecessary stress after school! The transition back to school can be exciting for parents and kids, however, can also cause some chaos after school while the transition and new schedules are still getting used to. The Lil Sidekick Sippy Cup & More holder helps your kid relax and prevents your child from dropping or throwing toys on the ground after a day of learning. Like our kids, parents can be tired after a long day of work as well, which is why our #StopTheDrop product relieves the unneeded stress of worrying about our kid’s sippy cup or toy being contaminated by germs on the ground.

3) Give you peace of mind! From our Lil’ Sidekick family to you and yours, we hope the transition back to school is as easy as possible. We are excited for all the kiddos out there to find their routine and hope everyone stays safe, has fun, and enjoys the exciting time of heading back to school.

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